Christopher J. Coyne

Links - Contains news and opinions regarding U.S. foreign policy.

Atlas Economic Research Foundation - Atlas' mission is to discover, develop and support intellectual entrepreneurs worldwide who have the potential to create independent public policy institutes and related programs, which advance our vision; and to provide ongoing support as such institutes and programs mature.

The Ayn Rand Institute - Works to introduce young people to Ayn Rand's novels and to support scholarship and research based on her ideas.

Cato Institute - The Cato Institute seeks to broaden the parameters of public policy debate to allow consideration of the traditional American principles of limited government, individual liberty, free markets and peace.

The Center for Free Market Environmentalism - PERC is the nation's oldest and largest institute dedicated to original research that brings market principles to resolving environmental problems.

Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism - Dedicated to exploring the moral, legal, constitutional, political and economic foundations of capitalism.

The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics - Edited by David Henderson

EconTalk - Economics podcasts hosted by Russ Roberts. - A large body of academic research has investigated the FDA and with unusual consensus has reached the same conclusion.  Drawing on this body of research, the authors (Dan Klein and Alex Tabarrok) of this site evaluate the costs and benefits of FDA policy. They also present a detailed history of the FDA, a review of the major plans for FDA reform, a glossary of terms, a collection of quotes from economists who have studied the FDA, and a bibliography with many webbed links.

The Foundation for Economic Education - FEE was founded in 1946 by Leonard E. Read and given direction by its adviser, the eminent Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises. Throughout the years FEE's mission has remained resolute: to study the moral and intellectual foundation of a free society and to share its knowledge with individuals everywhere.

Hayek Scholars Page - Hayek Center for Multidisciplinary Research

The Independent Institute - The mission of The Independent Institute is to transcend the all-too-common politicization and superficiality of public policy research and debate, redefine the debate over public issues, and foster new and effective directions for government reform.

Institute of Economic Affairs - The IEA is the UK's original free-market think-tank, founded in 1955. The IEA's goal is to explain free-market ideas to the public, including politicians, students, journalists, businessmen, academics and anyone interested in public policy.

Institute for Humane Studies - The mission of IHS is to support the achievement of a freer society by discovering and facilitating the development of talented, productive students, scholars, and other intellectuals who share an interest in liberty and who demonstrate the potential to help change the current climate of opinion to one more congenial to the principles and practice of freedom.

Liberty Fund - Liberty Fund, Inc. is a private, educational foundation established to encourage the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals. The Foundation develops, supervises, and finances its own educational activities to foster thought and encourage discourse on enduring intellectual issues pertaining to liberty.

Mises Institute - A large variety of resources on Austrian economics.

Resources for Economists - This guide is sponsored by the American Economic Association. It lists more than 2,000 resources in 97 sections and sub-sections available on the Internet of interest to academic and practicing economists, and those interested in economics.

The Ronald Coase Institute - The mission of The Ronald Coase Institute is to better understand how real economic systems work, so that individuals and societies have greater opportunities to improve their well-being.  The Ronald Coase Institute encourages careful, useful analysis of the institutions that govern real economies and raise transaction costs.

Society for the Development of Austrian Economics - The goal of the SDAE is to advance the ideas of Menger, Mises, and Hayek and other economists of the Austrian school through both internal development and interaction with the ideas of other related approaches to economics.

Ten Key Ideas: Opening the Door to the Economic Way of Thinking - by Russ Roberts