Christopher J. Coyne

Learn Liberty - Foreign Policy
Ep. 2: The Militarization of Police in America
Ep. 1: Foreign Policy Explained
Ep. 3: Torture and Police Brutality in America by the Government

Ep. 4: The Boomerang Effect
Ep. 5: What is the Military-Industrial Complex?
Ep. 6: The Free Market and the Military-Industrial Complex
Ep. 11: Should We Privatize National Defense?
Ep. 12: Can Humanitarians Help with Economic Development?
Ep. 9: Is Nation Building Worth the Cost?
Ep. 10: Does Humanitarian Aid Work?
Ep. 7: 6 Reasons Libertarians Want Foreign Policy Reform
Ep.8: Do Foreign Policy Benefits Outweigh the Costs?
The following videos are a twelve-part series (with Abigail Hall) on the topic of foreign policy through Learn Liberty